GAE/GO を試そうとして FreeBSD で挫折したので VirtualBox に ubuntu/11 を入れて試して見ることにした。




最初 ubuntu/11 のデフォルトの python2.7 で試してみたが 起動したものの挙動がおかしいので python2.5 をソースから入れ直した。 詳細はこちらを参照。



$ export PATH=~/google_appengine:$PATH $ python2.5 demos/helloworld/ WARNING 2011-07-09 00:24:46,648] No ssl package found. urlfetch will not be able to validate SSL certificates. INFO 2011-07-09 00:24:46,939] Server: WARNING 2011-07-09 00:24:46,948] Could not read datastore data from /tmp/dev_appserver.datastore INFO 2011-07-09 00:24:46,950] Connecting to SQLite database '' with file '/tmp/dev_appserver.rdbms' WARNING 2011-07-09 00:24:46,964] Could not initialize images API; you are likely missing the Python "PIL" module. ImportError: No module named _imaging INFO 2011-07-09 00:24:46,991] Running application helloworld on port 8080: http://localhost:8080 INFO 2011-07-09 00:24:56,838] building _go_app INFO 2011-07-09 00:24:59,405] running _go_app INFO 2011-07-09 00:24:59,584] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 -



$ python2.5 update demos/counter/ Application: app-id; version: 1 Host: Starting update of app: app-id, version: 1 Scanning files on local disk. Error 400: --- begin server output --- Invalid runtime or the current user is not authorized to use it. --- end server output ---

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Access to Go runtime in Google App Engine We are no longer accepting Trusted Testers. We will make access to the Go runtime more widely available in the near future. Thank you for your interest in using Go in Google App Engine!


GO の spin-up 時間が知りたかったのだが.. ローカル環境じゃ意味無いし。 だれかテスターになれた人教えてください。